Joseph Kirks Grave

Joseph Kirk was the second casualty of The Expedition on 13 October 1775. While helping to clear the Great Carry from the Kennebec to the first pond (East Carry) a tree fell on him from either high winds or from a tree that had been cut by one of his mates during the clearing process. He was transported from the high ridge to the Rivers edge where he expired the next morning. He was buried in a shallow grave on the interval of the Kennebec.

In 1925 clearing for the Wyman Dam was begun and several cemeteries were being relocated to the Moscow burial ground. Kirk’s grave was exhumed from its original location on the interval and placed in that cemetery.
Kirk was a member of Wards Company and listed from Maine but no town is identified.He could have been from a small town that was located along the route of March which was not uncommon during the Expedition.josheph kirk

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