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Welcome to the Audio and Video Booth! Below is a partial, but growing list of audio and video clips.



Duluth Wing and the Arnold Trail Expedition



The Arnold Trail

A 90 second audio clip from the 1960s describing the Arnold Trail through Maine. [Download]


The Arnold’s March Song

The Walls of Quebec – A song about Arnold’s March to Quebec written and performed by Eric Wight in 1975. [Download]


The Arnold Bateaux

Bob Cunningham interviews Cecil Pierce both founding members of the AEHS about bateau construction. Cecil was a boatbuilder in Midcoast Maine who took an exceptional interest in the watercraft used on the expedition. (1990)

Cecil Pierce 1 – Discusses the probable type of bateau used [Download]


Cecil Pierce 2 – Reads a brief paper on the subject [Download]


Cecil Pierce 3 – Discusses the adventures of he and another founding member, Dude Wing, on their canoe trip along the Arnold Expedition route. [Download]


“AEQ ’75” – The 200th Anniversary Reenactment, 1975

Bob Cunningham discusses the history of the Arnold Expedition Historical Society and the bicentennial reenactment of Arnold’s March.

Bob Cunningham 1 [Download]


Bob Cunningham 2


The March

Duluth “Dude” Wing, another founding member, discusses the society’s work and the march for a recording project. (2008)[Download]