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New Book About Arnold’s March Available

New Book About Arnold’s March Available

darleybookVoices from a Wilderness Expedition: The Journals and Men of Arnold’s Expedition to Quebec in 1775

by Stephen Darley

The purpose of Voices from a Wilderness Expedition is to reawaken the now silent voices of the brave men who made the historic 1775 march through the Maine wilderness with Benedict Arnold to attack Quebec and conquer Canada. This book is not a chronological history of that expedition, but rather offers details and new information about the lives of the men who participated and, equally important, the journals that chronicled the hardships of the march. It provides significant new information on both the men and the journals that has never been published.

The book features:

  • First ever bibliography of all printings of thirty journals written by the participants

  • Three newly discovered journals found in the University of Glasgow Library

  • Two other journals written by privates and never published before

  • New biographical information on seven lesser known officers

  • Examination of the career of Col. Roger Enos whose three companies left the expedition early and returned to Cambridge

  • Identification of the elusive Captain Scott, a previously unknown company commander

  • Transcription of the 2nd Isaac Senter journal

  • Comprehensive roster of the names and biographical details of 1125 officers and men who enlisted on the expedition

The Author:

Stephen Darley has a law degree from George Washington University and owned his own real estate development and construction firm from 1972 until he retired in 2009. Mr. Darley has a thirty year interest in Benedict Arnold and the history of the Revolutionary War, as well as an extensive collection of Arnold books, prints, ephemera and rarities.

Mr. Darley has written a number of articles on Benedict Arnold, the Revolutionary War and other subjects for various publications. Three articles regarding Benedict Arnold have been published in Early America Review and the on-line magazine, Cry Havoc, published two of his articles. He also wrote a 2006 article for the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution on-line magazine and three of his articles on authors were published by Firsts Magazine. Darley recently completed extensive research on the sixteen vessels and their commanders in the Battle of Valcour Island, which may be found on the Historic Lakes web site. In 2010, Darley co-authored a bio-bibliography of Rafael Sabatini published by Oak Knoll Press.

Mr. Darley is a member of the New Haven Museum and Historical Society and the Connecticut Society of Genealogists. He lives in North Haven, Connecticut with his wife Peggy.

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