The Research Room

Welcome to the Research Room! Below is a partial, but growing list of documents for your viewing.



Staff and Organization

Henry Dearborn’s Company

Oliver Handchett’s Company

William Hendricks’ Company

William Hendricks’ Company – 2

Daniel Morgan’s Company

Simeon Thayer’s Company

Matthew Smith’s Company

Ward’s Company

Oliver Colburn’s Company of Artificers

Rhode Islanders



British Casualties

Handchett’s Company

Smith’s Company


The Bateaux

The Kennebec River Bateau

Go to the Audio Booth to learn more about the boats that Arnold’s men used to haul stores and equipment up the rivers.


Eyewitness Accounts

Benedict Arnold’s Letters

Simon Fobes’ Journal

Caleb Haskell’s Journal

William Hendricks’ Journal

John Joseph Henry Memoirs

Return Meigs’ Journal

James Melvin’s Journal

George Morison’s Journal

Francis Nichols

Mathias Ogden’s Journal

Dr. Isaac Senter’s Journal

Ephraim Squier

Abner Stocking

Simeon Thayer’s Journal

John Topham

Journal From Inside Quebec

“Provincial” Journal


Books Written

Codman: Arnold’s Expedition To Quebec

Smith: Arnolds March From Cambridge to Quebec


Colburn House

NRHP Nomination
Application for Inclusion of Colburn House on the National Register of Historic Places

Memories of My Childhood
Recollections of Bertha A. Colburn who lived in the Colburn House


Kennebec Valley People

The Frontier Missionary: A Memoir of Reverend Jacob Bailey, 1853

Martha Ballard: The Kennebec Valley’s Famous Midwife